Get Kate Middleton’s look without the royal budget!

Get Kate Middleton’s look without the royal budget!

Kate Middleton has just popped her second baby out (a baby girl) and I am in no doubt that she will waltz out the doors of the hospital looking fresh faced and beautiful with immaculate makeup and flowing locks. If I didn’t know any better I’d say there’s someone in the front left of this shot, just out of sight, with a wind machine.

Prince-William-and-Kate (2)

While Kate may have a style team on hand, as well as a Nanny to deal with the sh!tty nappies, you can achieve a glamorous look while on the go.

Here are a few simple products and tips that will definitely help you on your quest that you won’t need a Royal budget for:

Skincare routine:

Vichy have a fantastic 3 in 1 Normaderm product that can be used as a cleanser, and if wetted, it can be a scrub and if left in place it becomes a mask. This will save you money and storage space. It is rich in soothing agents and Clay, the Tri-Activ Cleanser is kind, even to sensitive skin. When you have a good canvas to work off it’s going to speed up your makeup routine, no one likes a friend with patchy foundation! This product is just €13.99.


Another Vichy product that will help you along the way is their Eau Thermale spray – this can be used to rehydrate, set makeup in place, as a toner and also on a baby’s nappy rash all for €10.99 Just throw it in the baby bag… right next to the Vodka 😉 This is particular good for long haul flights too.

You can get both of these products in pharmacies and Boots throughout Ireland.

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The Makeup

Rimmel’s Soft Kohl Kajal Pencil in White – I am literally strung out on this pencil. It’s a fantastic little product that will brighten your eyes up, just place it on your lower lash waterline and you’re good to go. If you have had sleepless nights or maybe you have head one too many, this will make you look alive again as you mind the kids, even if you’re dying on the inside as your livers cries for salvation.

These pencils are available in Boots and all good pharmacies at just €4.49. Bargain!

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Sleek’s I-Divine Palette – You need these in your life. They come in an array of colours, to suit different eye colour or taste. The palette features 12 different colours and you can build your day look into a night look. It also comes with a sizeable mirror for doing your makeup on the go. The palette is just €9.99 and available on and in Boots.


No 7’s Shimmer Palette in Rose – This is a handy multi-tasking blush and bronze product to have in your makeup bag. The colours can be swirled together to give you a lovely blush or you can use the colours alone to highlight. The palette also acts as eyeshadow too. The bronze works beautifully smudged under a blue eye for a nice day look.

The Shimmer Palette is available in Boots and it’s priced €17.50.


Mac Cosmetics Blush in Warm Soul – A great blush for day or night as it’s buildable. You do not want to look like a two dollar hooker, and this blush will make sure you stay that way. You can thank me later! It’s €23.50 and available in Brown Thomas.


Mac Eyeliner Pencil in Teddy – Kate’s a Kohl Eye liner hooker and this Mac Pencil is great for anyone who would like a smoked up look that works for day and night. It’s longlasting too – you can get this Kohl Liner in Brown Thomas.


HD Brows

These can be your saviour pre and post pregnancy, actually, these can be your saviour no matter what your age. I plan on being buried with perfect HD Brows. This service will make your face more symmetrical, lift the eyes and basically just make you look like a pretty kitty, even when you don’t have makeup on. I’d rather go without food than HD Brows..


Hair-cut -This may sound like an obvious one but get yourself a really good haircut and I don’t mean doing it yourself. Your hair will blowdry and style quicker when it is cut well, there will be less split ends so you won’t need to keep going over it and you can step away from the GHD. You will save precious minutes in the morning or evening.

Shampoo and Conditioner – If you have just had a baby, you may be suffering with some hair loss, try out these Nioxin products to restore your hair to it’s former glory. I can certainly vouch for this product as after years of over-styling and an undercut(!), yes you read that right. I was left looking like my Dad, and in a certain light, Phil Mitchell. Your hair will slowly come back to full health using this product.

You can get Nioxin in all good hair salons and it’s available on too, who have fast delivery. It is €17.50 for the shampoo and €21.69 for the conditioner online, but this is money very well spent.


Rollers – I swear by rollers and no, I am not 80. They seriously make a difference, even if you just blast dry your hair and then throw them in as you do your makeup. Helllloooo Volume, Sayonara Amish hair.

Avalon x


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