Hair Bookings online: Why Salons must have an online presence in 2015

Hair Bookings online: Why Salons must have an online presence in 2015

It seems like only yesterday that a trip down to the local travel agent to book a holiday was the norm. Yet in the very short period of time, how we book flights, hotels, and how we do almost everything has moved online, from banking, dating and buying or renting a home.

Technology has made it so much easier for even the greatest technophobes among us to find what we want and the ever increasing number of platforms available, such as tablets and smart phones makes booking everything online so much more convenient.

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Online Bookings are growing. Is your Salon set up to take them?

Hair Bookings online and Beauty Bookings online are growing. Is your Salon set up to take them?

Not all industry sectors, however, have embraced the technology revolution and this is particularly evident in the hair and beauty sectors. According to our research, somewhere between 50%-60% of salons have no website presence with many only having a Facebook page. This makes it very hard for potential customers to find the information they need to book hair appointments online or to book beauty appointments online. While Facebook is great, and one of many tools that should be used by all salons to keep in touch with their existing client base, it was not designed to be a businesses only online voice. In addition, a client needs to be able to very easily access all relevant information they need to make a hair booking or beauty booking without having to scroll down through old timelines (with many pictures of cats) to find a price list.

Hair Salons & Beauty Salons need to understand that the first port of call for many potential new clients when searching for something is the internet via their mobile phone and not embracing this is like saying ‚ÄėI don‚Äôt want any new clients‚Äô

‚ÄėBusinesses that don‚Äôt embrace online will struggle to survive‚Äô was set up to make the short journey to an online presence as easy and effective as possible. Up and running for just 8 weeks and with just over 200 businesses on board,  our fantastic team will provide your business, no matter how big or small with a very inexpensive way of communicating with a huge local and national audience 24 hours a day, and for your salon to take hair bookings online or beauty bookings online, even when its closed.

Hair and Beauty Salons & Professionals can also load hair & beauty offers to fill quiet days or to encourage new customers into the salon which will soon instantly be seen by fast growing BEUTiFi community and website users. They can also accept BEUTiFi Gift Cards, already the most widely accepted hair and beauty gift card in the country.

BEUTiFi is live and has over 200 Hair Salons in Dublin and is launching in Cork, Galway and Limerick in the coming weeks. Make sure you start 2015 with a bang. Get your business online, embrace social media and start connecting with the online generation who are the future of your business.

To get up and running on is simple, affordable and worthwhile. Whether you are a nail bar, brow bar, tanning salon, hair salon, beauty salon or a freelance professional, BEUTiFi is for you.

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