Bridal Makeup Advice to those ‘Taking the Plunge’ in 2015!

Bridal makeup

Internationally renowned professional makeup artist Zoe Clark gives gives some fantastic bridal makeup advice those getting married in 2015!

The guys at have asked me to post a few words of bridal makeup advice to any of you out there who are taking the plunge and are soon to be heading up the aisle!

I have been doing bridal makeup for 20 years (scarily enough!) and during that time I have worked on many weddings, so I have a fair bit of experience when it comes to planning your look for the big day. Personally if I was ever to get married myself (one of these days..!? ;-) ) I would absolutely have a bridal makeup artist come and help me with my own preparations. From experience having someone there who’s sole purpose it is to make you look gorgeous, just takes away the huge potential for added stress when you’re getting ready. As I always say, no matter what you’re wearing, people always talk into your eyes... so don’t forget that if your face looks good, you feel good and much more confident.


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So the most important thing is to do your research when you are choosing your wedding makeup artist. Nothing beats word of mouth and although there are plenty of websites out there (including this one!) who advertise bridal make up artists, do also ask around and listen to other past brides’ opinions too. Also just like most other things in life go for quality not quantity. In other words, particularly in this industry, cheap does not mean good! Make-up artists have a lot of expenses (think how much one bottle of foundation costs for example). Also it is not the same as you throwing on a bit of lippie in the morning. Bridal make-up artists are highly skilled and have trained for many years to be able to work under pressure to make you look the very best you can. It can take over an hour just to do one face, especially if the look involves intricate work such as the perfect application of fine liquid liner with individual lashes and defined lips.

Therefore when you’ve made a choice, go and have a wedding makeup trial if you can before the day. This way you can get a feel of the makeup artist; if you get along (another important thing for the morning!); and if you like his/her style of work and attention to detail. Do give your make up artist a brief of the kind of look you are after, but choose your words wisely. For example if you say you want dark smoky, dramatic eyes, don’t be surprised if you get what you ask for! Remember however it is only a run through, and if things don’t go totally according to plan during the trial, be honest (we’re used to it and it’s our job!) and give the make-up artist a chance to show he/she can do what you want. And take into consideration factors such as perhaps your skin’s condition at the time of your trial. Therefore take your bridal make-up artist’s advice when it comes to your skin. Also one last thing, you can plan the general timings of the morning with your bridal make-up artist, but don’t be too rigid on the day. Things can change, for example the hairdresser may need to mix things up a little and prep your hair at a different time than you had previously thought. So on the morning just trust in your team... relax (as best you can), kick back and enjoy the experience. It is your wedding day after all!

x Zoë

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