How to make money from your blog!

How to make money from your blog! Affiliate Program

There are many ways to generate income from your blog. Advertising is a key way, but most agencies will want you to have at least 20k UV’s a month before they will consider spending a brands money with you.

Running an affiliate program is a great way to earn money, even if you have not yet hit the bit time.

First off, lets explain what an affiliate program is for those who may not be aware of them.

If you have a content driven website, you can make money from the traffic you have. One of the most popular ways to do this is by running an affiliate program. Simply put, this means that you are paid for traffic that you send to another site or the number of people you send who buy something or perform some other action.

There are tons of affiliate programs out there, and you can chose them based on the theme of your blog or website. If for example you run a blog about travel, there are affiliate programs that pay you based on traffic you send to certain travel sites that end up making a booking.

Whether your blog is a hobby or you plan to run it as your business, affiliate programs really are a fantastic way to generate revenue.

If you own or run a website with a female audience, this could be the perfect way to generate additional revenue.

We are super excited to announce the launch of our Blogger Affiliate Program!

Becoming a ‘Affiliate Partner’ is free, the earning potential is limitless and its really simple to get set up.

When you join, you will receive a special link as well as have access to a host of graphics, banners and everything else you need to become a affiliate! These link to

When a user clicks on one of these links, they will be tracked by our software and you will earn commission on all completed hair and beauty salon appointments if the client is new to the salon! 89% of our bookings are from new clients to a salon.

Sign up here: Affiliate Program

If you have any questions, please call: +353 (0)1 5313965

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